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    JBoss and Google



      Your surely heard about Google api's that are disponible on http://google.com/api/, don't you ?

      Well, I'm a very beginner whith JBoss and I try to understand how I can bind the services of JBoss and those of Google.

      All I've been able to do is to copy the googleapi.jar file into the ./server/default/deploy directory, and to run JBoss to deploy it.

      But now I absolutely don't know how to call the services of Google without having to use directly the googleapi.jar file.

      Please, I'm really stuck, help me !!

      Thanks in advance,

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          strange question ...

          how would you like the Google API without having the call the google API ???

          and your profile info is interesting too :
          name : Udontcare
          occupation : employed to try and understand JBoss

          very strange, the kind of people Bureau van Dijck is hiring these days ...

          Certified JBoss partner in Belgium

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            Well ok, maybe my last lines were badly written, so please focus on the beginning of my first message :

            How can I bind the services of Google and those of JBoss ?

            What is the interest of "deploying" a package ?

            You were seemingly disturbed by my original profile, so I changed it.
            And maybe my questions are absolutely stupid and without any interest according to you, but I've said I was a very beginner, so please forgive me...

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              And if you like amazing profiles, just have a look at www.jboss.org/forums/profile.jsp?user=3 for instance.

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                > Well, I'm a very beginner whith JBoss and I try to
                > understand how I can bind the services of JBoss and
                > those of Google.

                My suggestion, try to reason in terms of what you are trying to achieve, not what technology might be available.

                For example, are you trying to provide internet search services within your application ? In this case it might be interesting to integrate Google - meaning, your own search functionality, which you might provide as an EJB deployed in JBoss, would call google. This is just an example, it really depends what you are trying to achieve.

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                  This is quite what I expected for an answer. So thank you very much.

                  Actually I've written a very little application using Google, but not as an ejb. According to what you say, I suppose I should undersand I'd better build new ejb functionnalities using google, then deploy them with JBoss ? Anyway, I'll try to do that.

                  So am I right if I say that JBoss is no use with 'classical Java classes' ?

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                    Yes, JBoss is an application server, so you write applications which are useful for your enterprise. To write these applications, you can build upon any existing Java libraries : JDBC to access sql databases, google api to make google calls, or whatever.

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                      Ok thanks. I didn't give enough importance to "EJB". Now I've understood its utility and an can understand what was wrong in my reasoning (I'm not sure this word exists).