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TogglePanel, need initial state to be empty.

Mark Spritzler Apprentice

In the documenation found here [URL]http://labs.jboss.com/file-access/default/members/jbossrichfaces/freezone/docs/devguide/togglePanel.html[/URL]

It states

It's also possible to define an "empty" facet to implement the functionality as drop-down panels have and make the facet active when no content is required to be rendered."

I tried that but it doesn't work. I get a "Facet with name: empty mentioned in stateOrder not found!"

Here is my tags

<rich:togglePanel id="show_error" switchType="client" initialState="empty" stateOrder="empty,b">

 <f:facet name="empty"/>
 <f:facet name="b">
 <h:inputTextarea value="#{selectedHistory.errorMessage}" readonly="true" cols="120"/>