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    Another Client Question...

    Darrin Addams Newbie


      I've deployed an ear file containing a servlet, JSP, and EJB, together with a client which should be called from the command line.

      From a web browser, I can open the JSP (acting as my web-client) and call the servlet which in turn calls the EJB.

      What I want to do is to call the client from the command line but it seems I can only do this is if I have access to my client's .class file. One method of achieving this is to just call the class file directly, for example from a local copy or even from the local (but internal) copy JBOSS uses (stored under a directory, created at deployment). Unfortunately, neither of these options are really acceptable, because:

      1. I can't determine where JBOSS will store the .class file.
      2. I don't want to have a local copy of my client!

      So, ideally, I want to be able to test my bean either from a web browser context (which works just fine) or the command line without having a local copy of the client - after all, why should I? - I've already deployed the client to JBOSS.

      I guess another way of looking at it is like this: how can I deploy an application to JBOSS which simply displays "Hello World" at the command line if I call it using java.exe...

      Thanks for reading!