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    JBoss IDE 1.2.0 Tutorial -- "No Context configured to proces



      I just started learning the development an deployment of a J2EE application onto JBoss.

      Therefore, I installed JBoss IDE plug-in into Eclipse 2.1.1 and then followed all the steps provided in the "JBoss IDE 1.2.0 Tutorial".

      Everything went fine until I tried to access the sucessfully deployed application using http://localhost:8080/fibo.

      The AppServer returns the following message:
      HTTP Status 500 - No Context configured to process this request


      type Status report

      message No Context configured to process this request

      description The server encountered an internal error (No Context configured to process this request) that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


      Apache Tomcat/4.1.27-LE-jdk14

      I've absolutely no clue on what is the root cause for this. Could anyone please explain me what I did wrong and how I should solve this?

      PS: The tutorial is really good.