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    Do you know documentation abaut: "How to configure JBoss for

    franklemke Newbie


      maybe someone can point me to the right documentation...

      I have a Client, that whants to get remoteinterfaces of some EJB on
      a remote JBoss-Server, but it doesn't work.

      The Network is working correctly and I have seen the packets transferred between the 2 machines by using tcpdump.

      The roles and security-settings on j2ee-level are probably not the problem.

      Maybe it is just a question of configuring JBoss to allow remote access.
      Or the java-environment on the client-machine is not in order?

      Thanks for any hint!


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          semi Newbie

          - Which exceptions do you get?

          - Are the jndi settings of your application Ok (jndi.properties)?


          - Are all necessary libraries on the classpath of your app (see jboss###\client)?

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            franklemke Newbie

            The application was build with jbuilder and I have just an *.exe-file. The application throws no exception at all - they are all catched I think.

            I have now tried to learn with a little self-made application to test it. It goes. Yes, I have set the .properties correctly.

            But if I try to get the remote-interface, that the *.exe-client wants to get, I receive an exception: Access denied. I started my client with a security-manager. Now I'm reading doco about how to configure the security-settings in JBoss.

            In the login-config.xml there are tags defining application-policies. I wonder where the application-policy for a certain application is assigned to that application.