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    JBoss pausing then restarting at random periods



      we are running jboss 3.2.3 with tomcat (embedded) and have been experiencing regular (i.e. 3+ times a week on our production system) hangs of our web application.

      We generally get existing requests hanging and new requests not possible (i.e. no page returned). After a while (e.g. 2 to 3 minutes) the system starts responding again. there are no erros in the log files.

      At first we assumed it must be a garbage collection issue as the server on which the application was hosted has had its memory upgraded (1GB now accessible to the VM using the -Xmx command line option). Logging the GC information did not higlight any issues (global GC was taking < 1 second).

      We are at a loss to know what the problem is as there are no error messages in the logs.

      The live server is part of a 2 node clustered server using Microsoft Cluster services. Both machines have 4GB memory and we're using SQL server 2000.

      There is generally no significant load onthe processor at the time of the hangs and there is spare memory (i.e. the system is within the 4GB total physical memory).

      Does anyone have any ideas as to what would cause these symptoms?

      I don't really know where else to look.