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    ms sql driver network issues ?



      I have an application that works fine on jboss 3.0.4 and a ms sql server 2000 fully patched sp3 etc. on my works network - standard windows 2000 network whether all on the one box or separate tiers.

      When I took it out to the customer it didn't work (couldn't connect to database tier). The database and app are all on the one machine and i've tried specifying the box as localhost/ip/name. I can query the database fine as the same user/password, telnet to 1433 etc.

      Back in the office I could replicate the problem by taking the network cable out with the database specified as localhost - it works with network cable in , doesn't with cable out ! Though both ways it knows its localhost - can ping, telnet to 1433 etc.

      Any ideas ? It works under ANY ip on the local network so it doesn't seem tied to it, just won't work without a network or on the customers network (Novell). so as a starter i'm trying to get it solved with no nettwork connection necessary. I'm more of a unix person than a windows admin but thought maybe someone might have seen this before with jboss / ms sql server 2000.