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    What means PROVIDER_URL?

    Ale P Newbie

      i'm trying to create an jms web application.
      I have installed JBoss and create a simple test (see http://www.javaportal.it/docs/jms.htm) but obviously it does not work :-(.
      My problem is on javax.naming.Context.PROVIDER_URL... maybe..
      I don't know what it is.
      I work in local and then I set provider url with http://localhost:8080.
      It's right or wrong?
      What I must put to it?

      If I run my test application the stacktrace is:
      [STOUT] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: hostname can't be null

      it's seems that hostname is null.
      Help me.

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          anu katta Newbie

          each application server has their own jndi properties file. which will specify the initial context naming factory and the provider url and others as needed.
          here is the jndi.properties for jboss..

          so change the provider url to localhost:1099

          then it should work.