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    Tree structure for JBoss 4.0 projects

    Marko Asplund Newbie

      i'm trying to design a J2EE (1.4) project hierarchy for my JBoss 4.0 projects. i expect to be using most of the J2EE architecture components (EJBs, M-D Beans, servlets, JSPs) in the projects. on the tools side the projects will be using Ant (1.6), XDoclet (1.2) and possibly Hibernate (3.0). the project hierarchy should be durable and reusable in future J2EE projects. the projects are likely to be sharing code with each other.

      i'm not really familiar with the different decisions and tradeoffs in choosing the hierarchy so i'd appreciate concrete hierarchy suggestions or discussions on the tradeoffs as well as pointers to discussions on this subject.

      below is the hierarchy that JBoss 3.0 Quick Start Guide (Draft 4) suggests for JBoss 3.0 projects. is this something that could be used as a basis?

      - bin # script file templates for running the code
      - meta-inf # non-generated deployment descriptors, manifest files
      - client # client source
      - ejb # EJB source
      - servlet # servlet source
      resources # XDoclet resource files
      web # JSP pages
      - bin # generated script files
      - classes # compiled class files
      - deploy # deoployable files
      - generate # XDoclet generated Java files
      - META-INF # XDoclet generated deployment descriptos
      - war # web archives

      br. aspa