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    JBoss and Serial Port Access


      After doing some searching on the forums I have found a few threads that address my issue but they are several years old. Also the information about the solution given in the threads does not make much sense to me as I am a JBoss newbie. (Some of the following is copied from a previous thread.)

      I have a simple standalone application that uses JAVA Comm 2.0 to communicate with a serial port device.

      When I tried to port the application to a web app deployed in an WAR file calling:


      returns null rather than a list of ports.

      I do not get any Class Definition Errors. So I am assuming that JBoss can see all the appropriate Jar files, libraries, etc.

      At the moment it seems like a potential solution is to take my standalone app and change it so it has RMI access. Then hopefully I can send commands using RMI to the standalone app from inside my JBoss web app.

      Does anyone have any suggestions, comments, or examples on how to send data to the serial port from a JBoss Application?