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    show me the zen!, uh where do I find foedeployer?

    Shane Thomas Newbie

      Okay, So I read the FoeDeployerService part in the documentation, and I must be really dumb but I cannot figure out how to find or install (once i find) the site to download. The link in the documentation brings me to a 404 everytime :(, is there an alternate download for foedeployer? and is it the only way I can get my Weblogic stuff to run on tomcat servers? (jboss?)

      To top it all off im new to webservices in general, I got the webserved i made running on the weblogic server, but want to get it working on the free alternative. Ive been reasearching and just trying to figure out where to start. My service makes heavy use of XMLBeans based on a schema we developed. It seems most the samples of porting from weblogic to jboss (or tomcat for that matter) deal with showing you how to do it with EJB. So ya safe to say i feel hopelessly lost, any more links or insight from those who faught with the same "growing pains"?