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    Help:Configuring Eclipse3.1 and JBoss

    varun sharma Newbie

      I wanted to use eclipse and configure JBoss 4.0.2 with it
      I have downloaded wtp-all-in-one-0.7-win32 and JBoss 4.0.2 and JDK 1.4.2-08 and JRE 5 and set the corrosponding classpaths in windows and in eclipse also.Both eclipse and JBoss are running fine separately and i can see my deployed files also

      I have read articles from this group and added serverdefinitions and many other files and can see my JBoss generic server 4.0.x and for a moment it made picture clear but

      when i am running jboss4.0.2 from eclipse3.1 i am getting the error
      "Could not find the main class Program will exit and then Server JBoss4.0.x(Generic) failed to start".

      I tried many other combinations by installing eclipse3.1 separately and downloading lomboz and other GEF-SDK-3.1,emf-sdo-xsd-SDK-2.1.0,JEM-SDK-I20050715 it started perfectly for one day after that error "Could not Publish results to the server"

      Can anyone give me clear instruction of what to download from where (please provide the hyperlink) and what other changes to do in the plugins files in order to run web application examples from this site
      provided i ahve to use server JBoss4.0.2 and eclipse 3.1

      Please reply soon my deadline is expiring soon