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    Common HA-JNDI for 2 partitions

    Maciej Zieba Newbie

      Hi :)

      First of all I'd like to say I'm new to JBoss and I'm really sorry if this is explained somewhere but I have looked through JBossClustering.pdf and couldn't find it.

      My problem is that I would like to have 2 partitions (clusters): 1 and 2; and I would like to use EJBs from 2nd partition in the 1st one. I believe it would be the easiest to have a global JNDI tree where I could lookup both 1st and 2nd partitions' EJBs. But how do I create such a shared tree? Or rather can JBoss somehow create it for me?

      My concern is also that farming from 1st partition doesn't happen to 2nd and vice-versa...

      I hope I have explained it clearly, if not I'll gladly clarify it more. Please excuse my not so good English.

      I will be very grateful for any suggestions.

      Best regards,