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    Config-files outside of .EAR


      Hi all,
      Is there a possibility to have an external config-file for an EAR application?
      I would like this file to have the deployment-environment specific settings that would differ in e.g. a production vs. test environment.

      When moving an EAR file from TEST to PROD today, we have to expand the EAR, expand an embedded JAR, edit a propery file, re-zip, re-zip and deploy. All this just to change the path to a directory that is different in TEST and PROD.

      And someone must remember to do this _every_ time we deploy (which is not very realistic, as someone else is doing the deployment).

      Most resource-related settings are handled this way already by external configuration of datasources etc, but there is almost always need for additional settings that is specific for the application being deployed.

      Everything in the server/lib folder has to be JARs, so I cannot just drop a .property file in there either.

      Is the only alternative to unpacking jars setting the JVM/system parameters?

      Karl Ivar Dahl