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    .properties file in /data/appName/



      My question is primarily to understand how the classpath of an application is setup in JBoss. I want to move the location of certain properties files and make sure my applications can read them. I want to share the property files between different applications.

      Currently, I am running 3 applications on JBoss 4.0.1RC1 (default config) on Win XP.

      MainApp.ear has the following dir structure:

       --- MainApp.jar (contains classes)
       --- MainApp_EJBs.jar (only contains EJBs)
       --- main.war
       --- JSPs
       --- WEB-INF/lib/properties.jar
       --- WEB-INF/lib/all_other_jars

      The classes in MainApp.jar are able to successfully read the .properties files in properties.jar.

      The other two applications are say, App1.war and App2.war.

      I want to make the MainApp properties files hot-deployable (they are right now too, but I have to rebuild the EAR everytime I want to make a change in a property file) and I want to be able to keep them unpackaged. I also want to be able to share the properties files of MainApp with App1 and App2.

      How is it possible to do all this? Is it possible? I've read quite a few posts and the properties.jar method seems like the best way to go, but its quite limiting. What do you do when you want to change properties on the fly?