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    JBoss - migrating application


      Hi, i would like to ask for a support on following issue:
      I have written using POJO (and Java SE) application that basicly:
      1. checks every 5 minutes if new files have appeared in some directory on remote server
      2. If so, it downloads them and prases
      3. Using external data sources (sql db and other) and info from downloaded files it calls some methodes on remote served (using http get).

      So now my question is, does it make any sense to try to rewrite this application in ordr to run it on jboss (or any other) AS? Is this kind of application suitable for running on AS? The thing is that this application is not event-driven (no user interface), it uses very custom data sources (unstructured files, output of linux comands called from telnet or ssh connection and other).

      What do you think? any feedback appreciated.
      thanks a lot for answers


      btw I'm jboss newbie so really ANY feedback appreciated ;-)

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          Actually your application is 'tailored made' for a middleware environment. And note, but because it is a POJO now doesn't mean you have to give that up. There are varying ways to mainting POJO development in the context of an applcation server.

          Interestingly enough, your application if ported would more like as not touch on just about every aspect of an EE environment

          EJB -component model if you wanted declarative transactions and what not
          JCA (or JBossRemoting) for bi-directional connectivity to the foreign host

          JDBC -which is really JCA, for connection pools etc

          So, it sounds like a pretty interesting project. Again, you wouldn't necessarily to a full scale port where you would lose the work you have already invested so no loss there.

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            Hi Weston,
            thanks for answer. Actually, you have confirmed my thoughts on this. But if I still wanted to port the app, at least for sake of trying Jboss out, what techniques would you suggest? For sql db connection I could use entitiy beans with cmp right? But there are other issues like telnet/ssh connections to remote servers. Currently I keep these connections permanent for performance sake... I've looked at JCA and it seems to be made for 'nicer' type of data exchange, more stuctures, supporting transactions etc.
            But my biggest concern is if can I use AS for deploying application that run round the clock? Or do I have to implement some mechanisms of having them run on some timer expiry?