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    Problem Retrieving the ConnectionPoolDetails

    Supriya Panicker Newbie


      Can anyone help me with this issue.

      I have created a JCA connector and deployed in JBoss Server. Connector is deployed as Mbeans . For the deployed connector I tried retrieving all the connector related attributes like min pool size , max pool size etc which was given at the time of creating the connector using the code

      JCAStats jcaStats = getJCAStats(name); // The method getJCAStats() is pasted below.
      JCAConnectionPoolStats[] connPools = jcaStats.getConnectionPools();
      JCAConnectionPoolStats connPoolStats;
      for (int i = 0; i < connPools.length; i++) {
      connPoolStats = connPools(i) ;


      Using this connPoolStats variable I tried to retrieve the values of minimum and maximum pool size using the two methods given below . The issue is that I am getting the Maximum pool size correctly but the value of Minimum pool size is always zero. Why is this methods not picking the correct value of lower bound if it could pick the value upper bound correctly. I have checked the JMX console for the deployed connector Mbean and there the values of Minimum and maximum pool size are shown correctly

      maxPoolSize = connPoolStats.getPoolSize().getUpperBound();
      minPoolSize = connPoolStats.getPoolSize().getLowerBound();

      ******** Method getJCAStas*********
      public JCAStats getJCAStats(String jndiName){
      JCAStats jcaStats = null;
      Management mejb = getMEJB();
      ObjectName filterNames = getResourceManagerFilter(jndiName);
      Set mbeanNames = mejb.queryNames(filterNames, null);

      Iterator it = mbeanNames.iterator();
      while (it.hasNext()) {
      // Get List of ResourceAdapters on the server
      ObjectName name = (ObjectName) it.next();
      String jcaResource = name.getKeyProperty("JCAResource");
      ObjectName jcaFilter = getJCAFilter(jcaResource);
      Set mbeanSet = mejb.queryNames(jcaFilter, null);

      Iterator iter = mbeanSet.iterator();
      while (iter.hasNext()) {

      ObjectName jcaObj = (ObjectName)iter.next();
      jcaStats = (JCAStats)mejb.getAttribute(jcaObj, "stats");


      }catch(Exception ex){

      return jcaStats;