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    Benefits of using JBoss product suite for distributed system

    Matt Klein Newbie

      As I am starting a new project, I am wondering what the benefits of using JBoss products are as supposed to something like Tomcat + Axis + Torque + POJO.

      As you can see in the following images, I am about to build a distributed system with one job manager and several job handlers. Each node may be on a different server.
      The job manager has a web interface where a user can enter a command which is then passed to one of the n job handlers via SOAP message.
      The job handler then reads mails, web sites and other documents (which may take up to several hours).
      Once the job is completed, the job handler contacts the job dispatcher and submits the results of the performed queries.
      That's all. No heavy duty DB stuff, just distributed data processing.
      DBMS are only for log files and such.

      What does JBoss provide for developing this?
      What are the advantages of a JBoss based approach rather than Tomcat/Axis/WAR?

      Thanks a lot!

      Overview of my project:

      Details of my project: