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    Execute Queues in JBoss

    viswnadh vadlamannati Newbie

      There is a concept called execute queues in weblogic server. Do we have any thing like this in JBoss.


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          jaikiran pai Master

          Someone might be able to help, if you explain what "execute queues" are meant to do.

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            viswnadh vadlamannati Newbie

            HI thanks for your reply. We are in a process of migration from weblogic to JBoss.We are using execute queues in web logic 8.1.

            We use them some thing like this.

            If were deploy more than 1 ear files in web logic 8.1 , suppose if any of the ear file (let me call it as application), is having some problem and eating up threads , and the threads are got pile up , so at certain point of time, the total server instance will crash up and sleeps. Due to this , the remaining applications (ear) also stop functioning. To avoid this , if we implement execute queues there , then the queue will put some check point to the threads pile up , like for example , when any thing goes wrong in any application , then there is a limit for the check point, like 50 threads is the maximum, after reaching that level , then that application only stops and the remaining applications( ear files) will continue on their work normally.

            This is one of the use of the execute queues and we are using this. So please let me know if we have any thing like this in JBoss


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              Elias Ross Master

              There are several thread pools that JBoss uses. One for handling web requests, one for remote access, and each MDB has its own pool of processing threads. There's also user-defined thread pools you can create and can be managed/monitored through JMX.

              What use of threads were you thinking of particularly?