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    Accessing Oracle DataSource from a JBoss Portlet JSP ..

    Sunil Mathew Newbie

      Hi -

      I am looking for an example on how to connect and configure the JBoss portal to allow a JSP to retrieve data from Oracle database.

      My Class extends GenericPortlet class. Here are my questions -

      (i) In the JBOSS_INSTALL_DIR/server/default/deploy directory, I have 3 DS files - hsqldb-ds.xml, portal-hsqldb-ds.xml and portal-oracle-ds.xml. Since I plan to use only Oracle DB, can I remove the other 2? (When I remove the others, I get exceptions in the console window.)

      (ii) How do I access the connection from the Portal JSP? Is there a step by step sample program that does just this? (Actually, any Container managed connection example from the JBoss portlet will help)

      Thank you so much - this will help me get started very quickly.
      - Sunil