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    Editing JBoss sysObject Id

    Robinson Matthew Newbie

      I am hoping to edit the JBoss sysObjectId so that when I do an snmp get, it uses the OID of my company's product that is running JBoss, instead of the actual JBoss OID.

      Currently I have tried editing the jboss-service.xml and attributes.xml in \deploy\snmp-support.sar, but it won't allow me to add in a sysObjectId attribute, like you can for sysName and sysContact. I have also tried to edit the attributes.mib, but this didn't work either.

      Does anyone have an idea on how to do this? Thanks!

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          Robinson Matthew Newbie

          Here are some more specifics..

          In jboss-service.xml, the MIB-II Mbean looks like something this (some values changed to protect privacy):

          <!--attribute name="SysObjectId"></attribute-->
          <depends optional-attribute-name="SnmpAgent">

          So in the general MIB2 Mbean provided, it gives you the first 4 options for customization (SysLocation, SysDescr, SysContact, and SysName). Basically I am just trying to add in another attribute, SysObjectId, with the value I want. But this is not displaying and it is not changing the ID that is output on a walk.

          Can anyone give any kind of advice or comment at all?