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    Virtual Directory mapping

    Jule Larson Newbie

      Hi All,

      Currenlty i'm evaluating Jboss-4.2.2.GA as an option to replace Weblogic and the problem that i'm facing is that in weblogic.xml i have a piece of code like below


      so whenever a user have login into the application and generate a report, a dynamic text file is created in his folder on the path /do1/mesg/usrdir/Tester1/expdir/20081009xxx.txt and this file can be downloaded immediately from the url http://serverip/usrdir/Tester1/expdir/20081009xxx.txt .

      But in JBoss i'm unable to read the file from the url http://serverip/usrdir/Tester1/expdir/20081009xxx.txt even though the file is in the directory and the error message i'm getting is /usrdir/Tester1/expdir/20081009xxx.txt is not available.

      I have tried to make a static directory mapping code in the server.xml for /usrdir/ and that have not work, but if i made a static redirection as follows in the server.xml file

      < Context path="/images" docBase="/d01/mesg/usrdir/images" /> and i call the url http://serverip/images/

      i can see the directory listing and click on an image for display.

      Therefore i would appreciate much if someone can help me out of how to link each user to his directory and have the dynamic text file downloaded from the browser as its the case with weblogic.