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    New JBoss Messaging wiki page

    Ovidiu Feodorov Master

      I've just put together a new JBoss Messaging wiki page:

      that can be used as a central point of access for everything related to JBoss Messaging.

      It currently contains links to JIRA (it will allow you to enter and track project tasks), the development forum (named "Design of Messaging on JBoss (Messaging/JBoss)" - it's a good idea to channel all development discussions through it), design documents and other development-related artifacts.

      Soon I will add links to a download and a user documentation area.

      By the way, the name of this forum has been changed from "Design of JMS on JBoss (JMS/JBoss)" to "Design of Messaging on JBoss (Messaging/JBoss)" to reflect the name of the project, so please change your filter, if you had any.