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    JBAS-4465 - rename hsqldb-jdbc-state-service.xml

      There has been a request to rename hsqldb-jdbc-state-service.xml
      to jdbc-state-service.xml (or more logically jbossmq-jdbc-state-service.xml)

      The motivation being that this file is generic (applies to all databases).

      I agree that the comment at the top about looking for replacements is misleading.

      The name however is not misleading. Embedded in the config is
      DefaultDS - which is hypersonic.
      If you look at docs/examples/jca the other databases all have different jndi names,
      e.g. OracleDS, MySQLDS
      and in some cases they are not named LocalTxCM but XATxCM (i.e. XA rather than local

      More importantly however, JBoss-4.2.0.GA has already been released.
      That was the time to make refactorings of important configurations.
      Changing this in 4.2.1 is just going to lead pain for those that have
      started using 4.2.0.GA.

      I'm slightly inclined to accept that pain since we don't support Hypersonic for production
      usage of JBossMQ. It's just not stable enough under load, nor does it scale that well
      and the transaction support is *still* broken.

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          If we're going to do a refactoring I'd be more inclined to roll the *-jdbc-state-service.xml
          and *-jdbc2-service.xml into one file. So all the jdbc is configured together.

          Any refactoring is going to increase the pain of people porting from 3.2.x, 4.0.x to 4.2.x

          Ok, the file was badly named when it was introduced in 3.2.x, but is was anticipated
          that given the usual db portablity problems that different dbs might need
          different configuration like the jdbc2 file.

          Is the pain really worth it for the sake of 6 characters on the front a file name?

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            One final point, if people have already automated the replacement
            (or deletion) of this file,
            e.g. the jboss installer would be one example but people have their own scripts and intallers,
            this change will lead to whole raft of new FAQs and forum questions

            This does not include trying to hunt down all the places the file name is referenced
            (not just on our WIKI but other peoples WIKI/blog pages) and getting a note
            added that the file name changed in 4.2.1 :-(

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              I think this renaming/refactoring should be done in a later release (jboss HEAD for now).