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    JBAS Integration: JSR-77... to do or not to do it?


      I would like to start a discussion on what needs to be done for the JSR-77 integration.

      First of all.. is it really necessary? It looks like that TCK doesn't require that, and I don't feel we have many customer using it on JbossMQ.

      Second: Is JBossMQ really feeding JSR-77 with measures at all? I haven't seen it implemented on the code but I haven't looked really hard for it... so... any insights on how JBossMQ integrates with JSR-77 is appreciated.


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          All jsr77 objects are produced from the mbeans in the legacy layer by the jsr77 local server implementation based on known mbean patterns for the jms destinations. This is found in the management project of the jbossas project. There is a JMSResourceFactory plugin that defines how to map from the jms service mbean to a jsr77 mbean. There is no specific knowlege of jsr77 in the jbossmq codebase. New plugins will be needed for jbm.