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    Tim Fox Master

      This method is designed for deleting message ids (see the signature - it says message id).

      But it's currently also being used to delete paging related stuff:

      public void clearLastPageRecord(final LastPageRecord lastRecord) throws Exception
       trace("Clearing lastRecord information " + lastRecord.getLastId());

      Please don't muddy the separation of concerns here. If you need to delete paging related things please add a different method to do that explicitly.

      I notice you did this for the transactional case already, but not the non transactional case

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          Ok, I will create a new method.

          I actually wanted to rename those storeDelete to just delete methods.

          When we implement a DatabaseStorageManager (if we are going to implement one), we will actually just delete records.

          The fact we need to store something to do a delete, is just an implementation detail.

          So, I would add deleteLastPage and deleteMessage methods.