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    Temporary queue not conform to JMS spec


      JMS 1.1 spec Section 4.4.3 2nd paragraph:

      Temporary destinations (TemporaryQueue or TemporaryTopic objects) are
      destinations that are system-generated uniquely for their connection. Only
      their own connection is allowed to create MessageConsumers for them.

      I think this means the following test should fail as it tries to create a consumer on the temp queue from a different connection than the one that owns the temp queue. But it passes.

       public void testTemporaryQueueScope()
       // we stop both sender and receiver connections
       // we create a temporary queue to receive messages
       tempQueue = receiverSession.createTemporaryQueue();
       // we recreate the sender because it has been
       // already created with a Destination as parameter
       catch (JMSException e)