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    Need facilities to run clustered examples

    Yong Hao Gao Master

      So far we don't touch clustered examples, I had a try of clustered queue, but it seems too much for me to start with. :)

      First issue i'm facing is start two clustered nodes:

      I created two configuration files (xxx-beans.xml) and try to start to servers, but I got failure on startup the second one, It all because the JNDI port issue. But this is not correct in the first place after I asked Andy. We should use HA-JNDI service.

      But in JBM 2.0 do we have this service? or we have a different technique?

      Also I can see in xx-configuration.xml the 'Clustered' property need to be set true. Is it enough to get a simplest cluster working? I haven't reached this stage because the JNDI issue.