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    Outstanding things to do on docs

    Tim Fox Master

      I spent most of the day proof-reading the user guide, and correcting stuff.

      Here is what is remaining to do on the user guide:

      1. complete section on installing aio, currently does not explain how to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH - clebert
      2. complete section on client classpath. this needs to be explicit and easy to understand. - clebert
      3. configuration index. not all params link back into chapters. this needs to be completed - andy/tim
      4. several links to examples (mainly ones Jeff did) refer to external relative links to the examples html files. these will be broken when outside the distro. they need to be changed to refer to the relevant example in the examples chapter. - jeff
      5. jms bridge section. the description of the params should be copied from the 1.4 docs. there is good stuff that can be re-used from there. - jeff
      6. local bind address on broadcast group, as discussed with jeff this needs to be configurable, docs need to be updated. -jeff
      7. paging chapter still refers to watermark but this was renamed - clebert
      8. thread management chapter. section on aio threads. this is confusing - it says there are only two threads then it says there is one thread per file. it can't be both - clebert
      9. performance tuning, clebert fill in the section on tuning Aio - clebert