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    What is the Bind address

    Adrian Brock Master

      We are missing a piece of configuraton.

      Currently, the jboss.bind.address is always set to by default.
      It would have been better to have


      in the configurations, but that is an accident of history and probably

      This makes the configuration in hajndi-jms-ds.xml impossible:

      because this gets

      This just happens to work as intended, but it would be better if this could be
      supported more explicitly.

      Related JIRA issue:

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          Scott Stark Master

          It is a mistake to be defaulting the jboss.bind.address to the unpredictable semantics any address of in the Main startup:

           props.setProperty(ServerConfig.SERVER_BIND_ADDRESS, "");
           System.setProperty(ServerConfig.SERVER_BIND_ADDRESS, "");

          We just have to turnaround and detect this in various places and revert it to some other default value like the server hostname or java.rmi.server.host, etc. The mapping done in org.jboss.system.server.ServerConfigUtil already deals with a null value as equivalent to "", so removal of the hard-coded "" should be reaonable. The only question is whether the system.server package is the correct place for this utility class.