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    Random OutOfMemoryError on the initial deploy of conf/jboss-

    Dimitris Andreadis Master

      (Moving here from private discussion)

      This is relatively easy to reproduce by using any out of-the-box jboss v4.0.2/4.0.3SP1 on a linux/sun 64bit 1.5.0_05 jdk (e.g. dev17).

      One out of ten times, or so, we get an OOM Error just when the UCL associated with conf/jboss-service.xml and all the server/libs is trying to open tmp/deploy/tmpNNNNNjboss-service.xml with java.util.zip.ZipFile(), looking for the very first mbean class referenced in conf/jboss.service.xml.

      The whole thing starts with MainDeployer.deploy(file: ... /conf/jboss-service.xml)

      conf/jboss-service.xml (or any other deployment be it a packaged one or a simple xml descriptor) is copied by default due to the MainDeployer copyFiles==true, but this is not really the problem: I tried with copyFiles==false and still get the OOM Error.

      Now, either the original (conf/jboss-service.xml) or the copy
      (tmp/deploy/tmp31494jboss-service.xml) get on the classpath
      because we wrap the deployed URL with a DeploymentInfo and
      then we do a:

      // initialize the unified classloaders for this deployment

      That creates the UCL pointing to the xml descriptor:

      // the classes are passed to a UCL that will share the classes with the whole base
      Object[] args = {localUrl, origUrl, Boolean.TRUE};
      String[] sig = {"java.net.URL", "java.net.URL", "boolean"};
      ucl = (RepositoryClassLoader)
      "newClassLoader",args, sig);

      Onto which the referenced lib/*.jars are added:

      // Add any library jars seen before the UCL was created
      if( classpath.size() > 0 )
      Iterator jars = classpath.iterator();
      while( jars.hasNext() )
      URL jar = (URL) jars.next();

      The bootstrap descriptor is not different from any other deployment.

      I'm not sure if a solution would be to pass a *null* URL to
      "newClassLoader", if the DeploymentInfo points to an .xml
      descriptor, to avoid having the base URLClassLoader trying to
      ZipFile.open() it, since we know there won't be any classes/resources in there.

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