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    Another way to write clustered singletons

    Dimitrios Andreadis Master

      Just added notifications emitted by the HASingletonDeployer:
      and a BarrierController http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=BarrierController listening to them to control a Barrier.

      So services deployed normally inside ./deploy or ./farm that want to be
      started/stopped whenever the content of ./deploy-hasingleton/ gets
      deployed/undeployed, or else, whenever the current node becomes the
      master, need only specify a dependency on the Barrier mbean:


      This provides an alternative to the deploy-hasingleton approach in that we can use farming to distribute the service, while content in deploy-hasingleton must be copied manually on all nodes. On the other hand, the farmed service will be instantiated/created on all nodes, but only started on the master node.

      So this is not a replacement, rather one more option for writing clusterred singleton services.