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    Use jboss.partition.udpGroup in NamingContext

    Brian Stansberry Master

      Right now NamingContext defaults to 230.0.04 for the multicast address to use for auto discovery. The server defaults to ${jboss.partition.udpGroup:}. This is a bit of a mismatch. It leads to breakage in the testsuite if the -u switch is used on the server, since tests typically don't manually set the jnp.discoveryGroup property.

      We could of course change the tests to set jnp.discoveryGroup, but that will be prone to breaking. It's tempting to have NamingContext check the system property before defaulting to 230.0.04.

      A further temptation is to use StringPropertyReplacer in NamingContext for any property, and thus allow controlling the JNDI config from the command line. This would add a dependency on jboss-common.jar though; don't know if there are any cases where NamingContext is used where jboss-common.jar isn't required anyway.