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    jboss cache

    rupesh agarwal Newbie

      i m new to jBoss cache i m using the TreeCacheAop class and method put which take the node name and map name ,, how do the jBoss cache organize the cache inernelly
      node =/a/b
      map = {(key1 value) (key2 value) }
      will job boss create a key1 and key2 inside the node and put the value or the full map will be placed AS A VALUE OF THE NODE

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          If the fqn is /a/b, and say you have a map, then the mapping is something like

          /a/b/map/1 (key1, value)
          /a/b/map/2 (key2, value)

          In addition, aop will deflate your object graph recursively if value is declared "advisable".

          I am currently doing an enhancement of aop in post 1.1 source. I will update the documentation as well.



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            rupesh agarwal Newbie

            i thought it will create a key and value pair in this manner inside jBoss caching
            /a/b key1 value1
            /a/b key2 value 2
            wher a and b are the node key1 and key2 are the key from map and value 1 and valu2 is the value from the map
            as i though it will read the map and create key and value pair in side the node b

            as per of ur reply its saying that it will create
            a node map which contain the key callled key1 and key2 with values value1 and value2 .
            so the jBoss willbe
            /a/b/map key1 value1
            /a/b/map key2 value2

            method used is
            public void put(java.lang.String fqn,
            java.util.Map data)

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              OK, this is nothign to do with aop then. If it is a straight put("/a", map), for example, it will put the map inside the internal hashmap under node "/a". You can then retrieve it using get("/a", key1).