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      • 15. Re: JBoss Cache using Multicast.

        I saw this in the todo list for jgroups

        - FC: on a fast network, we can still run out of memory because received_msgs/delivered_msgs becomes very big.
        Instead of basing FC on the speed of the network, we should also take the number of messages processed
        (a.k.a delivered_msgs/received_msgs) into account, and only send credits when that number falls below a
        certain threshold. First: look at the number of received/delivered msgs in the perf test !
        --> Look into memory-based FC: criteria for sending credits are
        - available free memory
        - outstanding retransmission requests (sender sends with each message number of messages sent,
        receiver keeps track of how many messages received, if diff is > threshold --> pause)
        - [optional] latency

        any plans of implementing this ? cause this might be the problem.
        or is there any other flow control protocol that i could try.
        Also is there a doc which explains the various parameters that one can tweak in jgroup.
        Thank You !

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          Our caches ran for about a week without any problems, until this morning. We restarted one of the instances, and gor the following errors:

          2005-11-30 08:05:19 WARN GMS: join( failed (coord=, retrying

          I guess what happened here was that the group still had the previous instance of cache running on 79 as the coordinator, even though it was not running anymore.

          Is there some way to force a reelection of the coordinator?

          • 17. Re: JBoss Cache using Multicast.


            "kbisla" wrote:

            Also is there a doc which explains the various parameters that one can tweak in jgroup.

            http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JGroups should give you a good start.

            http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JGroupsFC discusses the flow control protocol.

            The JGroups task you mention is an enhancement to the FC protocol, but your earlier config posts don't show you using FC. So I would suggest starting with using FC.

            • 18. Re: JBoss Cache using Multicast.

              fc-fast-minimalthreads.xml in JGroups/conf is a good start

              • 19. Re: JBoss Cache using Multicast.

                Cache still goes out of memory even with the fc-fast.xml
                We are no longer using jboss-cache have moved to using jms message to update clients of changes, so far in test it working better than jbosscache. Would update if things change.
                Thanks !

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