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    Urgent : Rollback - Transaction not working in weblogic 81SP

    Sarish Jain Newbie

      The problem is during session bean (Container Managed Transaction) invocation though the transaction is being rolled back, all the values set on the cache during the transaction are not being rolled back.

      I am using Jboss TreeCache in my application which is deployed on weblogic 81SP4. I was using 1.2.x version earlier and since it was not working. I tried the same scenario with 1.3.0.SP2, there also i hit the same issue

      private static TreeCache _tree = null;

      static {
       try {
       _tree = new TreeCache();
       catch (Exception ex) {
       _logger.writeToErrorLog("Cache could not be initialized.");

      This is the code which is used to initialize the jboss cache, which is used to initialize and setup the cache. Please let me know if i am missing some initialization. Is any one else also facing the same issue.