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    upgrade JBoss4.0.4 GA to use JbossCache2


      hi all,

      i am currently using Cache 1.24 with Jboss4.04GA. But the new JbossCache2 has some great adavatages in the new API that i would like to use. However the compatability matrix seems to indeicate that JbossCache2 is only compatiable with JBoss 5.X.

      Is there a reason for the incapatabilty between jboss4.04GA and JbossCache2?

      Has any got JbossCache2 running in JbossAS?

      many thanks


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          JBossCache 2 will need new compat layers for things like SFSB and HTTP session replication. These are only being done for AS 5.

          If you need to use JBoss Cache for your own purposes and not for dealing with AS clustering features though, you could *theoretically* use JBC 2.0.0 on AS 4.0.4.

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            The only place I could see this working in the "all" configuration would be inside a webapp where the 2.0 jars were included in WEB-INF/lib. In all other deployment types, a parent-first classloader is used, which would pick up the 1.x version of JBC in server/all/lib.

            If you're neither using HttpSession replication nor clustered EJB3 EJBs nor JBC as a Hibernate 2nd level cache, then you could probably remove the relevant services and upgrade the JBC version in server/all/lib. There may be other incompatibilites though; e.g. incompatible versions of JBoss AOP,