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    Instrumentation - preparing an object for POJO Cache 2.0?

    Bruce Springfield Apprentice

      Can someone clarify instrumentation of objects for POJO Cache 2.0

      The documentation continually emphasizes the need for instrumentation of Objects before using these objects with POJO Cache.

      But I ran some tests with POJO Cache and did not instrument the objects at all in the tests and POJO Cache appeared to work. The documentation also says, "But depends on the JDK and instrumentation mode that you are using, you may not need to pre-process your POJO at all." Can I have it clarified when I need to instrument and when not?

      For my tests I used the Student and Course objects from the /examples/PojoCache/ directory. I also used java.util.Date and StringBuffer as objects. All these objects seemed to work fine without instrumentation for a local PojoCache. With replication, I'm pretty sure I will have to instrumentent the objects with annotation. But how would I instrument a Date object or a StringBuffer?