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    PVM and concurrent childnodes: way of implementation?


      Hi there,

      As I'm kinda new on this jBPM happening, I'm struggling with a specific way of implementation. I'm not using the GPD, only the PVM. The processdefinition is build in a Java file, no XML.

      This is the situation: currently I'm trying to create a multithreaded process. That is, a node (A) that splits as a fork in three sub-nodes (A1, A2 and A3). All three childnodes need to run at the same time.
      After that they need to merge into one node (B), which is the last node of the process.

      Now I've been trying to implement the examples I've seen here and there online (forEachForkActionHandler and other global documentation). But they don't seem to work out as I want: no concurrency to be detected (every node has a random generated variable time-out, so childnode A2 could display a message before A1). Every node is executed in the order it is implemented, sequentially not concurrent.

      So, now the issue: it looks like PVM doesn't support concurrency threads, which means I have to create my own threads per process by creating Threadable classes the usual way. Is this correct? Doesn't PVM create it's own executable threads when splitting/forking?

      If not, anyone got a simple code example of above? I think I've read all possible documentation online about jBPM, but haven't found any solution. And code examples are so much clearer, from time to time :).

      Thanks in advance for the help!