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    JDBCCacheLoader problem

    Jorge Morales Master

      I have seen a strange behaviour in my app that I have traced down to the JDBCCacheLoader not working as I should have expected. Propably can be missused, so I post it here to see if anybody can help me.

      I have a cache with a JDBCCacheLoader configured (JBC 1.4.1.SP8).
      1- I put a new value in cache. New value is stored in DB.
      2- I modify this object in cache, with same method (cache.put()) and the new value is not persisted in DB.

      I have traced down through the code, and I see that ni JDBCCacheLoader ln:938 where it says:

       if(!override && oldNode != NULL_NODE_IN_ROW && attrs != null)

      My put is, I don't know how, calling this method with override set to false, so the original attribute map, is set to the attrs, overriding my new attributes, so they never get stored into database.

      How can I call my put operation so override is true?