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Know when buddy grouop onwer dies - who takes over

Bartosz Baranowski Newbie

HI all
Ive been wondering about use cases of @BuddygroupChangeEvent.
It seems that is kind of useless, its only fired when there is chande to buddies current node is replicating to:
1. case one - there is 2+ buddies, one is falling out from node
2. case two - there is 1+ buddies, new one comes in
* note that for zero budies its not fired.

What about case when buddy group owner dies, there is no notification for buddies it did replicate:
1. no notification that owner died
2. no notification on node which becomes owner of data - instead on each node its moved to "DEAD" subtree.

Shoudnt it cover above cases? I mean along with add/remove to buddy groups current cache node participates in?