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    JBC spends 90% of its time in TPE$Worker.run

    ezza ezaezazea Novice

      I'm benchmarking JBC writes with our application POJOs (80% update, 10% create, 10% delete).
      So far it is too slow for our requirements, but i haven't spent a lot of time tuning it yet.

      The topology of the bench is:
      -there are two nodes, on a local network
      -i write to a node A (always the same), and writes are replicated to the other node B.

      I profiled A with Visula VM, and 90% of the time is spent in

      VVM also says that this is called by threads like "OOB-something", and that all the time is spent in the "self-time" of the Worker.run method.

      What do these symptoms mean and how can i speed up my writes?