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Comments on overlord-cdl-1.0-M1 Trailblazer example

Jeff DeLong Master

The readme describes how to deploy and run the application, but there is no discussion that I could find on the role of CDL in the trailblazer. While there is a TrailBlazer.cdm in the models folder, and by inspection, one can tell that it is included in the trailblazer.esb, it is not clear what role it is playing.

Second. I would like to see the examples not configure all of the services in a single jboss-esb.xml file and deploy via a single esb archive. While this has been the practice in the past with the quickstarts, I believe it is a bad practice. If a benefit of a service-based approach is that each service can be independently deployed, this benefit is negated when all services are configured in the same xml file.



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    Gary Brown Master

    Good points.

    We originally built upon the trailblazer example in the JBossESB distribution - so tried to just add further documentation around the documentation provided as part of that project. However I understand that this trailblazer sample is now being dropped from the JBossESB distribution, so I think it will be easier for us to take over the complete documentation for this sample and add more 'cdl' relevant details to it.

    I agree - there should be one jboss-esb.xml per service. This is how the services are generated from a choreography. If we are now taking over the trailblazer example, then it will be easier to update it to separate the services into different config files.


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    Jeff DeLong Master

    A few suggestions on how to improve the documentation:

    1) Have the readme refer to the docs/samplesguide/SamplesGuide. While much of the information is redundant, the SamplesGuides has the information on the ChoreographyMonitor and the error-client.

    2) In the SamplesGuide.pdf, the code snippet from LoanBroker.java is unreadable.

    3) Under 10 2 It says to run the commands from step 6 on. Is that really necessary?

    4) Add more information on the role of the LoanBroker.java class, and how it's choice of
    if (score >= 4) {
    //step 3a - send to Bank - async
    System.out.println("sending to first Bank...");
    sendToBank(bank1Invoker, customer, "b1");

    Implements the Choreography conditional expression: cdl:getVariable('creditCheckResult','','//@score') >= 4

    5) It would be nice to have an architectural discussion here about how this choreography is being monitored. (perhaps this is described in another document I have yet to read).