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    How to bind a resource to JNDI Path?

    Stefan Podkowinski Newbie


      Can anyone help me with this problem? I have a web-application that needs to have some config parameters set and I want to distribute that applications WAR file to several different servers without needing to modify that file afterwards. My idea was to manage this problem by working with environment resource refernces as described in the servlet and J2EE standard. My web.xml would look like this:

      Path to XML documents <resource-env-ref-name>myapp/templates</resource-env-ref-name> <resource-env-ref-type>java.lang.String</resource-env-ref-type>

      In tomcat I had to configure the context for this application with the appropriate environment entries and this worked great. But I'm totally stuck on how to do this on my jboss server. I need to bind a corresponding String object to a ressource JNDI name, but how can I do this in jboss-web.xml ?