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    firebird- jboss jndi configuration....FirebirdDs not bound

    Simone Mosciatti Newbie

      I' ve read a lot of topic, but i can't solve solve this problem .... everything are newly...

      I've tried to access to a firebird db with jndi.... Before a LOT of time ( and a tips ;))
      with tomcat it's fine.... but i need to using jboss.... so, i've :
      -dowloaded latest version (3.2.3 - tomcat 4.1.29)
      -put a copy of firebird-ds.xml (with correct filename) onto JBOSS_HOME\server\default\deploy



      <config-property name="Database" type="java.lang.String">localhost/3050:c:/progetti/db/users.fdb</config-property>

      -setting a default datasource onto standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml

      <datasource-mapping>Firebird Database Connector</datasource-mapping>

      Started jboss

      driver seem to be configured (with jndiView i see firebirdds)
      my application
      ds = (DataSource) cntx.lookup ("java:comp/env/resourceAdapter/FirebirdDS");
      22:54:57,289 INFO [STDOUT] Error occurred javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: F
      irebirdDS not bound

      Someone could hel me?

      Thak's , Simone

      PS another question ... with jbuilder 9 server setting , my jboss don't support naming/DIRECTORY service.... it's correct
      main clASS org.jboss.Main
      VM PARAMETER -ms64m -mx64m -Dprogram.name=run.bat
      class zip:///[C%|/jboss/bin/run.jar]