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    How does datasource handle a broken pipe error?

    Jeremy Davis Newbie


      "jdavis" wrote:
      I'm using JBoss 3.2.2 w/ Tomcat and SQLServer 2000 running in SQL Server7 compliance mode.

      I've got a legacy non-J2EE app that's received broken pipe errors. The code was using a Struts datasource, but I changed it to a local-tx datasource and put a datasource file in the directory. I've been checking the server logs, and while I have not had any problems checking the site periodically, there are a few errors in the server logs for a broken pipe (much less than before.) Unfortunately, I can't tell much else from the logs

      My question is, how does JBoss handle a broken pipe when trying to connect to the database? If a connection is simply re-established, then I don't have a problem, which is what I'm hoping :)