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    NoClassDefFoundError : Logger

    mein herr Newbie


      i installed jboss3.0.4 on windows xp on j2ee1.4

      I tried the interes example. After fixing some errors in "jboss.xml" from the example, jboss deployed the interest example.

      Now the InterestClient throws the Error NoClassDefFoundError : org/jboss/logging/Logger

      I investigated log4j.jar and the ist the Logger Class !

      What is going on ??

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          mein herr Newbie

          I loaded down the log4j from jakarta.apache.org an compiled the interestclient with this in the CLASSPATH.

          But the error ist still the same.

          But i don´t wan´t a logger at all, i only want to get this jboss running.

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            J. Wolfgang Kaltz Novice

            The InterestClient example you're using seems to use a JBoss logger, which is a subclass I believe of the log4j logger.

            So, either look in the JBoss jars if you find the class it is looking for, and include that jar in your classpath;

            or, change the InterestClient to import the log4j Logger instead of the Jboss logger:
            import org.apache.log4j.Logger;

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              mein herr Newbie

              THank you.

              The Logger ist indead lying in the log4j.jar

              If i put it in the classpath the answer is :

              NoClassDefFoundError : org/jboss/logging/Logger

              if i import the org.apache.log4j.Logger, the answer is :

              NoClassDefFoundError : org/jboss/logging/Logger

              I think that the jboss classes already include the broken jboss class, i can do whatever i want, the java programm is not finding this Logger class, funny, i won´t log anything.

              Maybe there is somethink wrong with the jboss classes, (as well as with this forum software, i have to write all Messages twice :-)