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    Give up on the Quick Start

    your_name Newbie

      I can't seem to make any sense out of the documentation and worst cannot get any of the examples to work.
      Has anybody done a "pet store" example for this. Perhaps, with a good working example I could reverse engineer what was going on and start doing some developement.

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          bongos Newbie

          I got the example works with DefaultDS but I could not make the example to work with Oracle. I got Invalid column name when deploying the bank. I could not figure out what is wrong. Very frustrated. What good is JBoss if I cannot make simple examples works with other DB besides the default DB that came with Jboss. My DB is Oracle and until I find out how to set up Jboss work with Oracle, I cannot switch to Jboss. This is where Weblogic get money for their easy web admin console. I do not tried to offend anyone but IMHO Jboss lacks web enabled admin console to simplify the task for deployment and administration.

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            Raja Master

            If you take a look at the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml for your Bean, it would have type mappings for Oracle. See if you have any sql-type values wwhich are not Oracle compliant. That might be the reason for ur error with Oracle.

            There is a petstore implementation for jboss at

            It works with Hypersonic but im still having troubles making it work with Oracle.


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              Markus Ide Newbie

              Hi guys,

              I see you are frustating. The following tool might be useful for you. You could create EJBs and the neccessary JBoss deployment descriptors.


              The tool supports the useage of other databases (for example oracle) too. Just create a new JDBC Database connection (menu 'Project - New JBoss service - New JDBC Database Connection'). Then insert the JNDI name of the new connection in the project settings.

              Much fun ...

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                Elmar Henne Newbie


                yes, I know the official Quick Start guide is not one of the best parts of Jboss, but I have found several helpful links in the forum and tried to create a collection of them in a message to the FAQ forum topic "How to get started?" at http://www.jboss.org/modules/bb/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=forums/ are also several links for adaptations of PetStore for Jboss. I did myself one of them with Oracle and had no major problems using Oracle with Jboss.

                I did not know of the above mentioned PetStore version which should be added to this list. But it would be much nicer to have some special place where anybody could add those links which are especially helpful for beginners. Using a normal forum topic for this has the problem that it will soon disappear from the first page of topics when there are no new messages to it.

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                  Nicholas Whitehead Novice

                  I have not implemented the XPetStore on Oracle (or any database, to be truthful) but we are currently developing our own application against 3.0.4 and 3.2. We have had some challenges, but the Oracle stuff has not been a problem. I would be happy to work with anyone to try and work out some of these issues, and XPetStore seems like a great platform to start on, since we can get it.
                  Shoot me an email at nwhitehe@yahoo.com



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                    David Thielen Newbie

                    This link doesn't work - is there another link?

                    thanks - dave