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    JBoss 3.0 Quick Start Guide

    Oliver Wulff Newbie

      page 100
      Is the root node "service" or "server"? If I take a look to the user-service.xml it's "server".


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          Davin Lindner-Green Newbie

          Grrr, forum just lost my reply! Here it is again;

          I think you might do well to throw out the Quick Start Guide. It is draft, incomplete and inaccurate in many respects so it's actually worse than no documentation. I wish it would be updated or pulled.

          I bought the USD $10 Admin and Devel Guide for 3.x. It is much better, I was actually able confirm my installation and run the test suite against it. It lacks a sample/template project and a chapter giving the quick overview of Jboss, but you can download sample projects from the sourceforge site for jboss that work.

          Also, there seems to be a bit of 3rd party jboss documentation, check for instance http://sammaher.com/jboss/ which I just saw on this forum.

          Good luck, things are going fine for me now that I pitched out that old Quick Start!