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    You have got to be kidding me...

    pyramid6 Newbie


      "pyramid6" wrote:
      "pyramid6" wrote:
      Here is a copy of an email I sent to componentsource:

      Name:JBoss Comp Doc 12Month Sub UNIX 1 User / JBoss Comprehensive Documentation Subscription
      Size:26.4 Mb
      Status:Awaiting Download
      Why would I need to download a Windows executable to view UNIX documentation? Surely there is some other way. Why would I buy UNIX documentation and use Windows to download the documentation. At least warn us before we shell out 99 dollars.

      Rightfully mad,

      Anthony Mills

      Did I mention it took me 4 tries to even get that far?

      If this is any indication of what JBoss is like, I will be getting my money back. I use Java for a reason, because I don't want to use MS Windows for developement.

      Sorry to rant, just frustrated about this.


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          Petri Wessman Newbie


          "PetriWessman" wrote:
          "PetriWessman" wrote:
          Agreed. I just bought the 3.2.1 docs, and my jaw dropped to the floor when instead of being presented with a PDF download link, I'm given some Windows exe downloader file. What the *censored*? I'm running Linux, as I suspect are a more than a few JBoss users, and I'm supposed to have Windows in order to *download* the documentation? I'm sorry, but this is not acceptable, and needs to be fixed ASAP.


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            csourcechrisb Newbie

            You might be interested to know that ComponentSource has added a "Unix Edition" to all JBoss documentation in the JBoss store.

            If you select the Unix Edition when purchasing JBoss documentation, you will not be required to download a Windows executable file as part of the download. You will be able to directly download the documentation .ZIP file.

            Thank you,
            Your ComponentSource Customer Service Team

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              jae Master

              last time i checked, the "unzip" command in unix/linux could unzip .zip files.

              also, winzip has no problems taking a tar.gz / .tgz file and uncompressing it as well.

              not sure why they offer 2 distinct versions tho.